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Hi im Paisley I like far too many things here's a few of them.

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This week has def been treat yo self week 2013. Bought myself a new dress, lots of coffee and now im going to buy some fabric to fix a few dresses. 

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gah sometimes being a habitually single girl gets tiring. there are days when i just wanna sing with someone in cars, at outdoor fires, by lit christmas trees and all other spaces in-between. damn you singledom

True confession: game of thrones is so good for a sick day in Peru slash watching it makes me wish I could watch it with the leslie and em. This teaching-traveling-learning-exploring journey is half way through and I feel so excited to begin the second half in Ecuador. Cuzco and Peru have been so amazing!


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I have too much time on my hands. 

literary punz lololol

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happy fourth, everyone! time to go find delicious beverages and hot guys

Happy birthday America!

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